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Kit Solar 12V 1200w Time Inverter 5000w charger 80Ah Battery 7OPzS 735Ah

Kit Solar 12V 1200w Time Inverter 5000w charger 80Ah Battery 7OPzS 735Ah
Kit Solar 12V 1200w Time Inverter 5000w charger 80Ah Battery 7OPzS 735Ah
Kit Solar 12V 1200w Time Inverter 5000w charger 80Ah Battery 7OPzS 735Ah
Kit Solar 12V 1200w Time Inverter 5000w charger 80Ah Battery 7OPzS 735Ah
Kit Solar 12V 1200w Time Inverter 5000w charger 80Ah Battery 7OPzS 735Ah

Kit Solar 12V 1200w Time Inverter 5000w charger 80Ah Battery 7OPzS 735Ah

Kit Solar 12V 1200w Time Inverter 5000w charger 80Ah Battery 7OPzS 735Ah. The description of this item has been automatically translated. To save on the cost of: 0034 854 803 624.

Sizing performance for demanding a home appliances use. Allows the use of fridge, washes in hot during the week, using microwave, TV, water pump, etc.. Calculated for a daily use throughout the year with excellent results. Battery to 100% (fully charged) = 12.7 V (volts) Battery 75% = 12.5 V Battery at 50% = 12.2 V 30% battery = 12 V Discharged battery = 1 1.6 V. This easy to install kit has priced its capacity and its installation is very simple.

Providing the necessary advice for easy installation and performance. 8 Polycristalline 150W solar panel. 1 60A 12v/24v/48v LCD MPPT charge controller. 1 Inverter pure sine wave 12v 5000W. 10 Cable meters of 6mm with terminal of MC4 5m.

3 Game 3 connectors in 1 MC4. 1 Game 2 in 1 MC4 connectors.

1 Terminal mass P game. / Terminal mass G game. 150W 12V polycrystalline solar panel is one of the most powerful of the range of 12V, widely used for installations in field tents, chalets and houses of habitual use incorporating with it, batteries and charge controllers.

It is composed of Silicon polycrystalline, more efficient than the Mono in warm weather and at one lower price, so that this panel offers optimum guarantees of performance at a great price. It is a solar panel 12V and therefore 36 cells. Its 4-bus by cell technology makes it even more efficient capturing a greater production of them in all possible solar conditions. Rated power Pmax: 150 WP.

Rated voltage U MPP: 18.34 V. Rated current IMPP: 8.18 A.

Open circuit voltage U0: 22.81 V. Short circuit current ISC: 8.81 to. 1478 x 674 x 35 mm. Frame height box / with: 40mm / 40mm. The module connectivity: 950mm with connector MC4.

Low frequency inverter allows use from leisure products or appliances to use professional or industrial applications. It has removable Lcd display that indicates information about the performance of inverter and the loads connected at that time.

Inverter low frequency their advantage is well suited for large appliances, such as air conditioning water pump and industrial machinery with high start peak. Inverter pure 5000w wave 12v with charger 80A WccSolar brings 80Amp charger function time for if want to charge through with a generator, generator or battery network group. Peak power of start 10000w. Frequency of 50 Hz ± 3%.

Low voltage cut 10V input. Alarm of high voltage 15V input. Input high voltage shutdown > 15.5 V. Dimensions 48 25 18 CM.

The regulator Maximizer VER05 can be used in solar installations of 12V, 24V or 48V is manufactured to use photovoltaic panels of network in isolated solar installations. Regulates low voltage 230W, 200W and 250W plates to be able to be used in a conventional solar installation.

The Maximizer function is to determine the maximum panel power point, to improve their performance and the production of electrical energy. This regulator has a capacity of 60 amp and allows a maximum voltage of the panel to open-circuit 145V. In order to control the battery and lengthen its useful life, this controller performs the load in four stages: normal, absorption, floating and equalisation.

As a result also battery cells are cleaned and your performance is improved. MPPT range 60 operating voltage 115VDC. The open circuit voltage of the Array PV Max 145VDC. The maximum power of the photovoltaic array 800W 1600W 3200W. Nominal voltage of the battery 12VDC 24VDC 48VDC. Connected battery acid lead sealed, AGM or Gel type.

Method of three-stage charging: bulk, absorption and float. Overload protection > 110%: audible alarm.

Investment protection Solar cell and battery polarity Yes. LCD Panel LCD Panel that indicates solar energy, charge, voltage / capacity of the battery, the charge current and fault conditions. Three indicators of State solar, load and load LED display. Dimensions, An D A (mm) x 315 x 165 x 128.

Net weight (kg) 4.5. Type of mechanical protection IP 31. Structure: Positive plate is of tubular type, which means that the active material (PbCh) is contained in special bags made of a polyester fiber and hardened by means of a compound that will pervade.

It is structure prevents the escape of the active matter during use and aseura durability. Both the grilles of the positive plates and negatives are made of a special alloy with low content of antimony (1.6%) with the addition of other agents for the improvement of the crystalline structure. Negative plates are plastered with a special alloy that maintains an optimum level of porosity of the active substance during battery operation. Electrolyte can be used sulfuric acid with a density of 1.24 F 0.01 Kg/1 at 20 ° C, and a default level marked on the container. Spacers between positive and negative plates are made of a micro-porous plastic material that offers a minimum internal resistance. The containers are manufactured in a material called estiroacrilnitrilo (SAN) and is transparent except for the top cover which is opaque. Through a special process, tops are embedded and the container is perfectly sealed. Also, terminals are tightly attached to the lid by means of rubber gaskets to prevent any possibility of leakage.

Due to the fact that the containers are perfectly transparent, both maximum and minimum levels of electrolyte, are clearly visible. These level brands are made from a material resistant to acid and sticker and placed on one side of the container. Dimensions: 166 x 206 x 536 mm. (length x width by height). Weight: 39 Kg each glass.

Voltage: 2V each glass (6 glasses total: 12V). Type of battery: stationary batteries. High capacity and long half-life.

Capacity in C100: 735Ah, and C10: 490Ah. In normal use you should only add distilled water every 2-3 years. Control of the level of acid fast and easy. Uerde in the case of income, must indicate the name and telephone number so we can make your order. DHL, Envilia, Coreeos, express, Zeleris, Tipsa, TSB, TXT.

If not, please to not accept the order, and was immediately put in touch with WWW. The customer must be a correct packaging that ensures your transportation without damage. Once received and found that the product is in the same State in which it was sent, will be to reinstate the amount by bank transfer.

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Kit Solar 12V 1200w Time Inverter 5000w charger 80Ah Battery 7OPzS 735Ah