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BatteryLifeSaver BLS 36/48 Multi (Industrial Forklift, lift-truck, large solar)

BatteryLifeSaver BLS 36/48 Multi (Industrial Forklift, lift-truck, large solar)
BatteryLifeSaver BLS 36/48 Multi (Industrial Forklift, lift-truck, large solar)

BatteryLifeSaver BLS 36/48 Multi (Industrial Forklift, lift-truck, large solar)
Ideally mounted at all times to constantly keep batteries in optimal condition. The BLS will rejuvenate old batteries and extend battery life. The Battery Life Saver electronic device (BLS) was invented in 2002 by a Florida resident, Charles Van Breemen. It was developed because he was tired of batteries failing when he needed them most. He also wanted to protect the environment from harmful battery waste.

Awarded a Patent in 2008, the BLS. Brings old and weak batteries back to life. Maintains working batteries in optimal condition. Extends battery life by preventing the build-up of lead sulfate. For different sized battery systems.

Watch the video Forklift Batery Life Saver. Why is the BLS needed?

75% to 80% of lead acid batteries fail prematurely because of formation of lead sulfate on the plates. These crystals cause batteries to become unusable at approximately one-third of their natural life. The BLS dissolves the lead sulfate crystals.

How do I use it? The best way to use the BLS is to connect it and forget it. Connect the red wire to the positive battery terminal of the first battery and the black wire to the negative terminal of the last battery. If you need to rejuvenate your batteries, connect the BLS and use the system as normal. Every time the system is charged and discharged the BLS will be gradually rejuvenating the batteries.

Depending on the size and condition of your battery system it could take a week to 5 weeks to completely rejuvenate a system. Using our patented square wave technology, the BLS sends a frequency signal to each crystal of lead sulfate, causing it to dissolve into lead and sulfuric acid. This restores the battery to its original condition and allows the electrical charge to be drawn from the battery.

Benefits of Using the BLS. It makes old batteries as good as new. With the BLS, more power is available from your battery and you need less power to charge it. By reducing the number of batteries that get thrown away and put in landfills. The BLS protects the environment.

Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 2.5. Wire Length: 3 feet (when seperated wire will span 6 feet).

Current Draw: 250 to 500 mA. Connection: Eye rings for best permanent installation. Assembled and serviced in Clearwater, FL USA. Check out my other items. The item "BatteryLifeSaver BLS 36/48 Multi (Industrial Forklift, lift-truck, large solar)" is in sale since Monday, July 16, 2012.

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  • CONNECTION: eye rings for best permanent installation
  • Voltage: 36V - 48V
  • Type: Battery Desulfator
  • Equipment Type: Forklift
  • Model: BLS 36/48 Multi F
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • MPN: BLS 36/48 multi F
  • Brand: Battery Life Saver
  • forklift desulfator: 36 and 48 volt industrial desulfator

BatteryLifeSaver BLS 36/48 Multi (Industrial Forklift, lift-truck, large solar)