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Battery UPower 600Ah 6V UP-GC16 Batteries high performance Battery solar

Battery UPower 600Ah 6V UP-GC16 Batteries high performance Battery solar
Battery UPower 600Ah 6V UP-GC16 Batteries high performance Battery solar

Battery UPower 600Ah 6V UP-GC16 Batteries high performance Battery solar
Battery UPower 600Ah 6V UP-GC16 Batteries high performance Battery solar. The description of this item has been automatically translated. Stationary batteries of 6v for all installations. It is a more optimal battery for medium sized solar installations.

Each battery has inside 3 plates of lead tubular stationary 2V each, it is immersed in sulfuric acid inside a container that thus avoids loss of voltage and offering extra security for the battery. The price of this type of battery quality is very competitive, since saving if we differentiate them with batteries. It is a battery with a lifespan of about 1280 cycles of life, with a depth of discharge average of 60%. It is recommended that this type of batteries work always in series, since batteries in parallel connections, can cause a certain wear of some system thanks to the internal resistance batteries which have the same.

UP-GC16-6RE 600ah battery 6v U-POWER. Photovoltaic Solar energy, forklifts, lifts, electric vehicles sweepers, scrubbers, elevators. Stackers, caravan, caravans, boats, road lighting. C100 (120 h) rated capacity: 600Ah. C5 (100 h) rated power: 550ah.

Operating temperature: - 20 ° C to + 55 ° C (always keep the battery charged at least 60% at temperatures below 0 ° C). Length: 318 mm (12.52 inches). Width: 181 mm (7.12 inches). Height: 425 mm (16.73 inches).

Weight: 52.00 kg (114,6 lbs). The ICC group size: GC2. Terminal type: DT, the terminal height: 18.5 mm - 0.73 in the screw size: 5/16. Instructions for loading in 25C.

Daily charge: 7.40 ± 0.05 V V. Float charge: 6.60 V. Equalize the load: ± 0.05 V V 7.70.

Do not install, or charge batteries in premises without ventilation. Load is particularly important since both a and load insufficient will severely limit the life of the batteries. If the batteries will remain for a long time unless they are used please ensure that they are checked on a routine basis, cleaned and fully charged before being stored. Adjustment of the temperature of the battery. Reduce the tension of 0.028 V per cell for every 10 ° C above 25 ° C, increase the voltage from 0.028 V per cell for every 10 ° C below 25 ° C.

Deep cycle batteries need to be matched periodically. Actively used batteries must be matched at least twice a year. The UPower battery 6V 550Ah UP-GC16-6RE is high performance designed for use specifically covering the areas of Solar energy, especially solar photovoltaic applications.

The UPower battery 6V 550Ah UP-GC16-6RE is deep-cycle, provides construction with full guarantees of operation using the doubly isolated positive plates that eliminated the possibility of misalignment or cracks in the spacers, forks or shorts on the bottom or sides. Each cell has increased levels of reserve of liquid, for minor intervals of "irrigation".

Its resistant plates allow a long service life. The positive and negative poles of a battery must never be connected among themselves. This fact can cause a short circuit and irreparable damage to the battery. You can either connect between Yes several batteries in circle.

To make the connection between batteries are must use always cable electric of 45 to 50 mm2 of section. Connect the battery the inverter with the recommended cable will be minimum 30 mm2 section. Uerde in the case of income, must indicate the name and telephone number so we can make your order.

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2 status of items so that your return to be accepted: That is accepted the return of an order, it is essential that it is sealed, in their original packaging and in perfect condition. In accordance with the code of trade art. The item "Battery UPower 600Ah 6V UP-GC16 Batteries high performance Battery solar" is in sale since Monday, March 19, 2018. This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\DIY Tools\Power Tools\Batteries & Chargers". The seller is "wccsolar" and is located in Sevilla.

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  • KG: 58kg
  • Unit Type: Unit
  • MPN: 602668551422
  • Type: Battery
  • Brand: U power
  • Compatible Brand: U-power
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Spain
  • Amount of units: 1
  • Composition de la battery: Acid Lead
  • Voltage: 6
  • Model: UP-GC16
  • Announcement of set: Doesn't
  • Principal Color: Green
  • UPC: 602668551421
  • EAN: Does not apply

Battery UPower 600Ah 6V UP-GC16 Batteries high performance Battery solar